loft & bear is comprised of a small, driven team from all over the US from east coast to west coast but they all now happily call los angeles home. they work with determination but always make time for community outreach and collaborating on a personal level. in their free time you can find them doing typical la things like eating tacos, running on the beach, and, of course, drinking vodka



we began in a loft in the downtown la arts district in the 2014. our journey began with humble roots but we quickly found a place in the community we love. our desire is to remain la's ultra premium craft vodka distillery. 



how it all began

after graduating from chapel hill, paul ryan, aka bear, yearned to be inspired after taking a post grad job. he didn't really feel like his desire to create and innovate was being fulfilled and he was looking for something that would truly test his abilities. 


he embarked upon the journey to create a vodka, purely for the challenge of developing something unique while providing an endeavor to test his entrepreneurial spirit. during the summer of 2014, in a loft in downtown la, loft & bear artisanal vodka was born, hence the name, loft & bear, and paul was well on his way to becoming the burgeoning entrepreneur that he strives to be today.

“the distillery started out of my love for vodka. I grew tired of being the consumer of a product I knew that with enough time and effort I could learn to produce better myself…


if I am able to inspire even just one person to pursue their passions and ambitions in life, then i’ve accomplished my goal.”

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